ThermAppPlus was an Android app designed for use with the Therm-App line of thermal imaging cameras. I originally developed the app because I wanted to pin the color palette to a fixed temperature range, as well as investigate ways of improving image quality.  When other Therm-App camera users saw the results, they asked if I could release the app to the public.
This app extended the functionality of the Therm-App™ line of imaging thermal cameras by Opgal, and as such required a separately purchased Therm-App™ camera in order to run.
ThermAppPlus supported a variety of features, including multiple and user customizable palettes, palette locking, several different display modes to assist in getting a sharp image, histogram equalization, background noise reduction, photo burst mode, emissivity, time lapse, hotspot detection, and remote viewing over a WiFi network and even support for VR headsets via side-by-side 'stereo' display - all in a simplified user interface.
The app saved camera output in several different image and video formats, including support for JPG, PNG, and TIFF. Absolute temperature data values could be saved as 16-bit image files, and the app also exported data in the IRT Cronista format. For video, the app supported recording in either standard MPEG4 or H.264 format. Alternatively, each frame could be saved to a separate image file that could be imported into other image analysis programs.
The app also featured real time, dynamic hotspot detection with an interactive control for setting sensitivity. The app supported automatic sound notification or image capture (either video or image file) whenever a hotspot is found.
Unfortunately, because of changes in the camera and Android OS, the app is no longer supported and thus not available for public release.
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